Humidity and Dewpoint Calibration

Humidity & Dewpoint Calibration Services By Graftel ISO 17025 Certified

Graftel - Humidity & Dewpoint Calibration

For Over 10 years, Graftel's experience in the design, fabrication, application and calibration of humidity instrumentation have made us a humidity calibration resource for many industries. We have the capability to calibrate all types and sizes of humidity instrumentation. Our chambers can control and measure humidity, pressure and temperature simultaneously. Calibrations may be performed using air, nitrogen, helium, or custom non-explosive/nontoxic gases.

Our two-temperature two-pressure generator allows for extreme accuracy RH, dew point and frost point measurements to be made down to -80°C. Our larger chambers allow for large devices to be calibrated against chilled mirror standards.

All humidity calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. (NIST) and are 17025 accredited. Graftel also works with JLC International to bring you quality temperature and humidity instrumentation. For more information about new products, see below. If you have any further questions please feel free to call or email us.

Graftel maintains two NIST traceable primary humidity calibration systems. Each is built around a single pressure two temperature generator. These two systems cover overlapping ranges so that they may be checked against each other. In addition, each system contains a working secondary standard. For more information as to our systems, please read below.

Humidity Calibration Services Include

  • Sling Psychrometers
  • LiCl dew cells
  • RH sensors
  • Dial type gauges
  • Hygrometers
  • Chilled Mirrors


Air, Nitrogen, Helium, and custom non-explosive mixtures


Relative Humidity: 0.1 to 100%
Dew Temperature: -80 to 60 °C

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