Anemometer Calibration

Anemometer and Thermo-Anemometer Calibration Services By Graftel ISO 17025 Certified

Anemometer Calibration

Anemometers measure air velocity.

Graftel's calibration lab utilizes a custom fabricated wind tunnel that can calibrate your anemometer or thermo-anemometer and have it back to you in 5 business days or less. Graftel has successfully calibrated:

  • Hot Wire Anemometers
  • Vane Type Anemometers
  • Temperature Probe Anemometers

As for services, Graftel can have your anemometer calibrated to NIST standards. Contact Us today if you have a anemometer that needs a NIST traceable calibration.

  • Alnor Instruments anemometers
  • Dwyer Instruments anemometers
  • Extech Instrument anemometers

Just because you don't see your manufacturer, doesn't mean that we can't do it!
Contact us with your information and we'll send you a quote for anemometer calibration or thermo-anemometer calibration!

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