Graftel Leak Rate Monitor Automated Calibration Feature

Graftel is now offering an automated calibration option for our 1401 and 1402(mini) leak rate monitors. They are now fully compatible with Fluke Calibration software, Compass (Enhanced) to provide an automated and efficient calibration process.  The 1401 offers the capability to utilize Compass (Enhanced) to provide stand-alone, hands-free, automatic calibration of its three internal flow meters. Using the Compass software along with a flow standard such as the Fluke molbocs, the user has the ability to perform a full calibration of the 1401 leak rate monitor.  Through the Compass interface, the user is able to collect and view as found data for all meters and determine whether adjustments are necessary. After adjustments, the user is able to collect and view as left data and export all required results into an Excel format file.